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James Jakes Golf

The Golf Ball Never Lies, Let Yourself Be Great!

James Jakes PGA Head Professional with many years of experience who still plays competitive golf. Coaching Golf Good.

Private Lesson

Book a private session, where I’ll teach you the ins and outs of the game in German or English. I offer this service all year-round for clients of any age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, with measurable improvements during each session.

Online Lesson

Don’t let location in the world restrict your development. This service offers a modern approach where you can either reserve a "one-on-one" Zoom video session or, alternatively, send swing videos from specific positions so I can give detailed audio and visual feedback within 48 hours. A service growing rapidly in popularity as technology strives forward. Skillest is the app and platform of choice.

large putting green with great

Putting Workshop

On average approximately 40% of total shots during a round of golf are hit with your putter. Improving your skill level with this weapon is by far the most direct and efficient way of improving your scores on the golf course. Playing better means more fun too!


The workshop includes the following:

 •The fundamentals of becoming a great putter 

•  The understandings of essential putting setup positions 

• Improvement of ball-striking specific to putting

• Distance control development drills

• Green reading development and exercises  

• Specific skills tests to measure your progress

Maximum 6 Participants for the Clinic

Clinic every 4 weeks. 

Golf Boot Camp

An intensive 3 day training course designed to improve your overall golf game in the shortest amount of time.

- The basics of becoming a great putter
- Understanding the essential putting setup positions
- Improved ball stroke especially when putting
- Exercises to develop distance control

Short game:
- The art of hitting the ball correctly
- Different types of chipping techniques
- How to choose the easiest shot available
- Complete explanation of the different forms of chipping and pitching techniques
- Exercises to master the movement patterns required for various finesse shots
- Short Game Handicap Test to measure skills and improvement

- Understanding the sand and requirements for each type of bunker shot
- Exercises and technical drills that help develop this very different technical art

Iron Play:
- Explanation and clarity on how to play good iron shots
- Drills and exercises to develop precise ball striking
- Choosing the right club on the golf course with regard to course management

Woods and Drivers:
- Clarity about the technical swing requirements to be a good driver
-How to shape the ball's trajectory if necessary
-Exercises to develop club head speed

9 Hole Round:
Develop a consistent routine to prepare and be mentally ready for each shot.
A chance to practice the newly learned skills in a game situation under supervision.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

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